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What We Offer

Image by Caleb Woods

Beef by the 1/4

With a 1/4 you will typically get 5-6 chuck roasts, 1 sirloin tip roast, 1 rump roast, 1 arm roast, 3 round steaks, 3-4 sirloin steaks, 4 porterhouse steaks, 4 T-bone steaks, 6 rib steaks, 3 pkgs each of short ribs & soup bones and 50 # of hamburger.

Image by Annie Spratt

Beef by the 1/2 

With a 1/2 you will get double what you get with a 1/4.  Please remember these are just estimates. Some 1/4's or 1/2's may be larger than others.  Also some cuts can be substituted for others, for example: the Porterhouse and T-bone Steaks may be exchanged for the Tenderloin and New York Strip Steaks. You just need to talk to the butcher about this.  Any other cuts can be ground into hamburger too.  And don't forget stew meat...excellent for the crockpot!

Image by Annie Spratt

Beck's Meat Processing

We use Beck's as our butcher.  Once you reserve a spot with us, we will remind you to call them the week of your butcher date.


These are just a few of the cuts we have available.  Please check out the Price List above and call, text, email or fill out the contact form for your order.  Pick up available at our Farm most weekends or by appointment only.



sirloin tip roast.jpg

Sirloin Tip Roast

ground beef PFF.jpg

Ground Beef


Tenderloin Fillets

ribeye steak PFF.jpg

Ribeye Steak

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